DIY Room Divider Frame Made Of PVC

Room Divider Ideas Of Ikea Product

DIY Room Divider Frame – An easy, simple, but functional do-it-yourself space separator can be made with PVC pipes, connectors, cloth, and a few tools and construction materials. The wide range of materials of fabrics and colors that makes this project adaptable to the decoration of any room. With this particular design, you can also modify the dimensions to fit any size of the room. A PVC room separator is a very economical solution to split a room and can be built in a matter of hours.

Take a measuring tape and mark four 1-foot sections along the length of the PVC pipe. Cut the sections with a hacksaw. Apply the PVC cement to the ends of two sections and insert them into the ends of a T-junction PVC. Repeat this process with the other two sections and another T-joint. Cut two sections of PVC pipe, which is 6 feet long each. Measure and cut a 6-inch square notch from each corner of the fabric. Then, fold more than 3 inches of material on each side.

Slide a 6-foot section of PVC tubing into each side pocket of the material. Apply the cement to the bottom of the PVC pipes and insert each one. Slide the 8-foot section of the top of the PVC pipe into the top pocket of the material. Apply the cement to each end and attach them to the PVC elbows on the top of the two side sections.