Easy To Build Room Divider Stand

Room Divider Stand Style

Room divider stand can build with to collect material on a drawbar and attach the rod to the ceiling. Shower curtains come in a variety of materials and styles and can easily slide on the rod. You can also buy a cheap room divider screen from a discount store, remove any paper veneers. Replace it with a rich, luxurious fabric that coordinates with your room.


A well-grounded bookshelf will not only act as a room divider stand, but will also create useful storage. Look for a large stand-alone bookshelf at a discount retailer or flea market. Paint a color that coordinates with your room and firmly anchor it to the floor. Blinds are a cheap and easy option for room dividers. An advantage of blinds is that they can be pulled up when you want to open the space and let down when you want privacy.

Recycled wood

Old doors, window frames and barn planks are often available at construction tear-down sites and recycling stores. Room divider stands with Choose three or four pieces of about the same height and attach them with simple hinges. Let them like you find them for a raw, industrial look or sand and finish them for a more polished look. These hinged doors will be used as a prefabricated floor screen to provide privacy and separate space.