Get Inspiration Of Folding Screen Room Divider

3 Panel Folding Screen

View here and get inspiration, for which you can all use a folding screen room divider. I often hear: a folding screen? What do you have to do with that, who uses that and for what? Usually I mention some advantages of a folding screen: light in weight, so easy to move, divide a room quickly and the possibility to create atmosphere. Yet doubts sometimes remain. Hence I will show ways here how a folding screen can be used.

Of course including photos of users themselves, so you can get inspiration right away. Sometimes a space has to be split up and it is not possible or desirable to install a fixed wall. Then a flexible room screen is the solution. Easy to put down, but just as easy to store or place in a corner. This is especially useful if you do not want to leave the screen permanently in a certain room.

For most screens, the weight is between 5 and 10 kilograms. The low weight ensures that you can easily store the screens. Of course you can, as in the space below, temporarily place two next to each other. With a shutter or folding screen you can very nicely decorate your living room. Especially in party rooms you can quickly create a certain atmosphere with a large folding screen.