How To Build Raised Wood Room Divider

Wooden Room Partitions

Wood Room Divider – Planning space in an open or large area is not an easy task. For example, if you need the living room to serve multiple functions, but you do not want to block a fabulous view out a wall of windows, you probably do not want to install a wall or partition. However, the room is large enough to need some sort of visual separation.

Measure the room. Determine the height and size of the platform needed to designate an appropriate area. Arrange the 12 foot long boards 2 by 6 on the edge, with the plates parallel and spaced 10 feet apart. Measure and mark every 24 inches on the top edge of the 12-foot boards. Place a 10-foot board over the edge between each mark, perpendicular to the 12-foot boards.

Add a 4-inch L-bracket at each corner to attach the wood frame to the original floor. Draw a drop of construction glue along the top of the floor frame. Splice a piece of 4 by 4 feet of plywood at the end of the first sheet of plywood. Align it with the corner. Insert the next piece of plywood 4 by 4 feet next to the first sheet. Add the 2 x 8-foot piece of plywood next to the third piece, tapping it to fit, predrilling and screwing. Installation of carpets, engineered wood or laminate flooring on the elevated platform.