Installations Of The Bookshelf Room Divider

Room Divider With Storage

The use of a bookshelf room divider as a space separator that allows killing two birds with one stone. It allows you to separate a single space into two separate spaces and provide storage. Determine how tall and wide you want the bookcase to be. Buy a shelf that meets your height requirements and suits your aesthetic, adding style and functionality to space. Determine where you want the shelf to sit in the room. For example, you may want to place the bookshelf directly in the center of the room or you may want to divide the room’s highest room.

Take measurements of the height and width you want the library to be, if possible. Place the base of a tape measure on the floor at the location you want the bookshelf. Pull the tape measure vertically to the desired height. Place the tape measure on the floor again and pull it across the floor to determine the width of the shelf you want it to be. Mark for his measurements. Buy a shelf that meets your measurements, as well as your style. Place the bookcase in the room so that the base is at the point of the track where you want the room you want to divide.