Making Sliding DIY Room Divider

Privacy Room Divider

DIY room divider is an elegant solution for space issues. They can be used to add privacy, separate a shared bedroom when the children need quiet study time, break up a particularly large space or create a sleeping place in a studio. Use basic doors to a home store or make a statement with custom paper screens, glass or aluminum to make a sliding room divider.


Measure for the track. Special slots for sliding room divider are available at your hardware store. Decide how many door panels or screens you need. Divide the width of the screens in the length of the track. Install the track. Make sure it is level. Use shims if needed.

Set door rollers to the top of the doors or decorative screens. The rollers matched by the screens will hang straight. Use either another track on the floor the same length as the roof rail or install door guides to keep the doors from turning back and forth. Choose the least intrusive method for your room. Place the room divider in the bottom groove or between the door guides and then install the door rollers in the upper track. Install decor strips to hide the slots as needed.