Mid Century Modern Room Divider Ideas

Stylish Room Divider Modern

Mid century modern room divider can separate a room from a living room or create separate living spaces in a larger room to allow a more intimate conversation. Many fashionable ways to divide a room provide additional storage or add a decorative touch to the space.

Robust shelves, when placed back to back, work well as a room separator. Choose decorative shelves to add visual interest to the room. From shelves look bigger, choose shelves in lighter shades of wood or paint a lighter color. And keep the amount of books and decorations that contain minimal. Add doors to the lower parts of the shelves to provide additional storage space in the room. Library-style shelves, where both sides are open, provide a separator of unique environments with a less bulky feel.

Hanging dividers can contain geometric shapes or designs connected by wire or thin panels that are screwed into the ceiling to divide the space into a room. And then many of these double dividers as artistic pieces for the room. Another idea for a pendant divider is simply to hang transparent curtains from the ceiling. Hang a decorative curtain rod from the ceiling to hold the curtains and allow them to move easily.