Modern Bookcase In Material And Shape

Modular Wall Shelving

A modern bookcase can be a feature in almost any room of the house. Clean lines can be used to accentuate other designs. Or as a focal point to update a more traditional house. Instead of using modern shelves in a traditional way. Such as for books, display different unusual items, to highlight the bookshelf.

Shelving is often made of wood, so if you are looking for a modern look, think outside the box. Stainless steel can work well in a kitchen, especially if it has stainless steel appliances, or in a loft that has an industrial environment. Glass shelves allow you to display objects in a room, leaving an orderly appearance for the walls. Show small and light objects on glass shelves, such as glass and small vases with flowers to add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Modern shelves do not have to have the shape of traditional shelves. The first place to start is with the assembly: purchase shelves that can be mounted directly on the wooden posts on the walls so there is no visible mounting bracket. This offers a clean look and is strong enough to withstand anything you want to show. You can mount them in a zigzag pattern or in an adjustable modular format so that the shelves look unique and serve different storage needs. Or choose curved shelves, such as those built in an elongated S shape.