Original Cherry Wood Bookcase In My Decor

Cherry Bookcase

Cherry wood bookcase – An original library in my decor, envy came to me when I saw my books, which, since I moved in, are in piles, on the ground … it does not displease me completely. But it pleases even more with the dust and I tell myself that books are too beautiful things not to bother to put a little more value. And then, the advantage of a library is that we can mix books and decorative objects of all kinds to create an atmosphere in his image!

Wooden bookshelves are versatile furniture that can be use to help you create the look that you want in your living room or bedroom. Even if you plan to use your bookshelf most for books. You still have room for some decor. Remove a large handful of books from each shelf and keep the books back with a book support.

If you choose a book support that is decorative. It can fill the little cubby yourself or if you choose a slimmer book support, you can fill the Cubby with a decorative item like a sculpture or picture frame. Remove handful of books from the right side, left side and center of different shelves to get a distorted look at your cubbies.