Panel Room Divider, What’s So Good About It?

3 Panel Bedroom

A panel room divider is often used for a window, so that you cannot look directly inside. This can be, for example, if you do not want someone to look into your bedroom or if you want to change clothes behind something. In the hairdressing salon below, the screen is used in such a way that nobody can look directly at the cash register or on a PC. Of course, partly due to its double-sided printing, the screen also has a strong decorative character. With this hairdresser the screen is hung up straight as an ‘eye catcher’.

Sometimes there is a boiler or a washing machine & dryer ‘ugly’ in sight in a room. With a room divider this is done out of sight. And as soon as you need the washer and dryer, the screen is quickly removed. You can use a room divider to keep that one corner of junk out of sight. A folding screen can be placed in a corner, so that much storage space is created behind it.

For example, think of the ironing board with the laundry or the corner of the children with all the toys. These high-quality wooden screens have swivel hinges, so that the panels can turn in all directions, so you can easily make a dressing room with a type of 5 panels. With this type of screen, the wooden insert is not transparent, so you really have privacy when fitting.