Screen Room Divider Design Ideas

Rattan Idea Screen Room Divider

Screen room divider is used for a variety of different reasons. They can be used to divide a room, provide privacy in the shared space or simply for decoration. Dividers are usually composed of three or four panels that are hinged together and can be folded flat when not in use. If you want a screen divider for your home, you do not have to buy one pre-made. The construction of a custom panel of three screen divider is a simple carpentry project that almost anyone can do.

Plywood cut into three 20-inch by 68-inch panels. Then, measure the height and width of each piece. And mark it with a pencil. Then, place the wood on a flat surface with pieces of scrap wood under it to keep it off the ground. Attach a straight edge to the wood along a line to be cut. And also use a circular saw to cut directly along the straight edge. This will ensure that your cuts are perfectly aligned.

Then, use a saber saw for the curves. You can create arcs or curves at the top or bottom of the screen with divider of a saber saw. A compass can be used to draw a curve to the wood. To make matching arcs on the bottom of the three panels of your screen divider. Then, measure in the middle of the bottom of each divider. Place the point of the compass in this place and keep the compass set at the same angle to draw a semicircle in each of the tables. The saber saw can be used to cut the matching arches out.