Special Sliding Panel Room Divider

Bi Fold Doors

By placing sliding panel room divider or other types of partitions, various smaller spaces are create in these rooms. False walls and partitions can also be use to highlight a special element or function of the room. In modern living room with enviously high ceiling and an incredible amount of daylight, we see a special dividing wall. The glass partition installed in this space seems to overflow into the huge sliding glass doors that lead to the garden.

By allowing the same kind of material to come back into the elements, the space becomes optically a whole. By subsequently installing a dividing wall in that space, the house does not appear solid and remains homely. In this situation, glass naturally lends itself particularly well for that purpose. A glass partition allows all the light through, involves spaces with each other and looks ‘clean’.

The staircase in the living room is also protect by a special partition wall. The wall, probably running from floor to floor, hides the stairs. By using special cut-outs as decoration, an Eastern image is create. In combination with the black of the lamps and the other black tones in the interior, the effect is quite business-like.