Wall Mirror With Shelf In The Corridor: Characteristics Of Accommodation

Bathroom Mirror With Shelf Attached

Wall mirror with shelf – For a small corridor or a narrow corridor it is very important to save free space and the functionality of all internal objects. However, even a rather large corridor should not cluttered with furniture. In the corridor and in the corridor the visual expansion of the space is always desirable. A good solution is the functional combination of furniture and interior objects.

Wall mirror with shelf and drawer is Very comfortable, elegant and practical option. If this model is located near the entrance, the shelf will serve as a good place to store small items. Such as keys, hair brushes and other nonsense. The mirror will delight you with your reflection. The options for shelving are very different. A classic and fairly convenient option is to place the shelf under the mirror surface.

The shelf can be above the mirror. This option is often used if the size of the entryway mirror surface is quite large or is a full-length mirror. Placing a shelf on the side of the mirror is possible if it is a vertical shelf. That is, the sections are one above the other and are not elongated. In this embodiment, you can experiment with lights and try to beat the whole composition beautifully.